Espresso Sample Selection Fresh Coffee


Try a sample selection (5 x 50g) of our coffees specially chosen for brewing as espresso. Choose either as whole beans or freshly ground for AeroPress or espresso (suitable for electric espresso machines and stove top Moka pots.) 50g x CONTINENTAL BLEND – (Full Continental Roast) Strikingly strong, with a hint of sweetness, from Central America. 50g x ESPRESSO GOLD SUPREMO – (Continental Roast) Central American & Ethiopian Yirgacheffe arabica supreme blend, with rich buttery caramel and dark chocolate tones. 50g x MOCHA ITALIA – (Continental Roast) Lighter espresso blend, with Mocha, retaining classic Italian character. 50g x MONSOON MALABAR – (Continental Roast) A smooth, dark, aged coffee from southern India. 50g x SANTOS & JAVA – (Continental Roast) Smooth, rich, luxurious arabica blend, from Central America & Indonesia. When we despatch our fresh coffee to you we stamp it with a Best Before date (Two Weeks – For Ground Coffee / Four Weeks – For Whole Beans.) To enjoy the maximum flavour and aroma we recommend that you drink your coffee by the Best Before date. - WEB ONLY PRODUCT.
Country of Origin: Blend