Costa Rica Three Clouds SHB (Naranjo, Alajuela)


Costa Rica Three Clouds SHB, Naranjo, Alajuela
Specialty Coffee
Full French Roast
The sweetness of caramel, complex chocolate body with citrus notes and a hint of hazelnut.
Costa Rica is known for its large biodiversity, micro-climates and rich volcanic soils, a combination that creates the perfect environment to grow coffee.
Grown on the western slopes of the mountains overlooking the sea. The volcanic terrain, stable temperature and abundant sunlight develop the special taste of this coffee.
Naranjo is a co-operative with over 3000 farmer members. Each farmer brings his coffee to the co-operative to be pulped and milled. The benefits to the community are immense. By being a member, the farmer and family have access to their own supermarket, wholesale supply business and social club as well as on hand agricultural expertise.