Tea Pricing

Since the EU membership referendum in June 2016 and the ensuing weakening of the pound, everything sourced from outside the UK (including tea and coffee, etc.) has become more expensive to the UK consumer.

We have currently seen close to a 20% change in the value of the pound against the USD and the Euro, the currencies in which we buy our tea, coffee and virtually all equipment products.

We had held the majority of our tea prices (in the hope that the pound would bounce back) but as of January 2017 have finally had to relent and re-balance our prices in line with the costs we are now faced with.

We refuse to lower the quality of our tea in order to maintain prices. Our business is built on quality and we are proud that so many customers share this value.

Moving forward we endeavour to provide the best value possible and continue to offer the tea volume discounts detailed below.

Tea Volume Discounts

Tea volume discounts, where applicable, are shown in the product drop-down menus on our website. (The discount has already been applied to the price shown in the drop-down.)

For the majority of our teas the volume discount is:-
500g Packet (10% off the equivalent price of 100/125g packets)
1000g Packet (20% off the equivalent price of 100/125g packets)